1. All entries to the 2015 Cariboo Festival must be postmarked by February 10, 2015 if sending by mail, or done via on-line registration by this date. Go to www.cariboofestival.ca to register on-line. All Syllabus informaiton is available on the site.
  2. Creative Writing entries must not only be postmarked by February 12, 2015, but followed by submission of completed works by March 6, 2015. Submissions can be mailed to the Cariboo Festival Society as per entries, or dropped off at Carrie Barker's studio located at 629 Pinchbeck Street, Williams Lake.
  3. Late entries are not accepted. On-line registraiton will close at midnight on February 10, 2015.
  4. After the closing date all entries must perform their selection as entered, or withdraw. No substitute performers are allowed.
  5. Incomplete, incorrect or T.B.A. entries will not be accepted.
  6. Age is taken as of December 31st prior to the festival event.
  7. Entries must specify length of time of selections.
  8. Entrants wishing to request waiving of entry fees for personal financial reasons must include a note of request with their entry.
  9. A performer may enter only one selection per class unless otherwise specified.
  10. Each performer is responsible for providing the adjudicator with an original (ie non-photocopied) copy of their selection. Music must be given to the adjudicator's secretary before the candidate performs and may be picked up immediately following the adjudication.
  11. To assist the adjudicator, performers should erase all unnecessary markings on the music, number the measures at the beginning of each line, and paper clip or "Post-it" the page for ease of finding.
  12. The performer must have an original copy of their selection available in the performance hall or they will forfeit their competitive status, with the exception of fiddle classes.
  13. Classes will be conducted in a workshop format as a learning experience. Discussion between the adjudicator and the participant is encouraged.
  14. Performers and teachers are advised that the quality and standard of selections chosen will be reflected in the adjudicator's comments and marks.
  15. Marks will be indicated on adjudication sheets, but only highest Gold standings in the class will be announced.