Rules specific to Speech Arts and Drama

  1. Important reminder: Cariboo Festival participants may only use published originals or documents available in the public domain. Photocopied music, scores and scripts are not allowed under any circumstances.
  2. Entries must be completely filled out with title and author of selected pieces.
  3. A copy of all "Own Choice" selections must be sent with the entry form except where specified in the syllabus.
  4. Competitors must have an original copy of their selection (book or copyright-free Internet material, etc.) available in the performance hall or they will forfeit their competitive status.  Please check with the Speech Arts Director if necessary.
  5. Please indicate on your entry form if you or your group require special arrangements for the time of performance, such as ensuring students are back at school in time to make the bus.
  6. Works must be performed by memory unless exemption of memory is indicated in the Class description.
  7. Performers at the Junior, Intermediate and Senior levels must announce the title of their selection as well as the composer before performing.