• Cariboo Festival participants may only use published originals or documents available in the public domain. Photocopied music, scores and scripts are not allowed under any circumstances.
  • To conform to privacy and copyright laws and to avoid distracting participants, the use of cameras, video cameras, tape recorders and cell phones is prohibited during performances and adjudications. Photos may be taken only after the class is completed. Exceptions may be made for the press.
  • Please keep the Cariboo Festival scent-free for everyone.
  • Entrants experiencing financial difficulties should include a short application letter with their entry to request the waiving of their entry fees. Applications must meet the entry form deadline.
    1. The Cariboo Festival Society is open to anyone in B.C. Students may compete from other festivals, and are eligible for provincials provided a local participant is not eligible to fill the class.
    2. The Cariboo Festival Society is for amateurs only with the exception of the adult adjudication-only classes and family or student teacher classes. An amateur is defined as one whose principal income is not derived from musical or dramatic sources. Occasional remuneration for services by a student intended to be used for further study does not contradict the above definition of an amateur.
    3. The Festival Committee reserves the right to create classes as deemed necessary, or to reassign any entry to a more appropriate class.
    4. The correct entry form must be used for the discipline (piano, vocal, band and instrumental, speech arts and creative writing). There will be no changes or substitutions by registrants after the entry deadline.
    5. As a courtesy, please notify the Festival Committee of withdrawals.
    6. Preschool children are encouraged to sit toward the back of the hall during performances unless they are participating in the Festival. All performers deserve a quiet venue to present their work, and so we also ask that children having a hard time remaining quiet please be removed from the venue.
    7. The adjudicator's decision in all matters of adjudication is final. No complaint, protest, nor representation of any kind concerning the adjudication will be considered by the Festival Society unless made to the Cariboo Festival Secretary at 629 Pinchbeck Street, Williams Lake, B.C. V2G 1E6 in writing within 24 hours after the event in question, either postdated by regular mail or by email. A letter of complaint must be accompanied by a protest fee of $20 to be returned if the complaint is upheld.
    8. Complaints apart from an adjudicator's decision must use an official protest form (available at all sessions) stating the nature of the complaint. This must be received by the Cariboo Festival Society no later than one week after said incident.
    9. Violation of rules may result in disciplinary action. All matters of disciplinary action will be taken under advisement by the Executive Board of the Cariboo Festival Society under Roberts Rules of Order, Art. 60.
    10. The Cariboo Festival Society provides the following guidelines to adjudicators:
GOLD (85% and over) Excellent performance
SILVER (80 - 84%) Good performance
BRONZE (75 - 79%) Fair performance
PARTICIPANT (Below 75%) Less than fair

11. A performer who is unable to participate due to medical reasons may be refunded for fees over $20. A request for a refund, along with a doctor's note, must be submitted to the Festival Committee in a timely manner.

12. All performers should be prepared to perform at the Honours Concert if asked to do so by the Festival Committee.

13. In order to be recommended for Provincials, a participant must perform in at least two (2) solo classes at their local festival at an appropriate level, and receive Gold Standing in both classes.

14. In the event of discrepancy of information between this document and other Festival documents, this document (the 2015 Syllabus) will take precedence. Award information is subject to change without notice.