1. Performers should be at the venue indicated in their notification of performance showing date and time at least 15 minutes before the start of the class. Candidates forfeit their competitive status if not present when called upon to perform. Performers are expected to be present for the entire class. Performers and spectators may enter and leave the hall discreetly between performances but not during adjudications.
  2. Performers should wait for the adjudicator's signal before beginning. After performing, he or she should sit in the front row of the performance hall in readiness for the class adjudication. In order to increase the benefits of the Festival experience, a performer should have some background knowledge of his/her selections, such as the musical period, style, composer and any other pertinent information. Familiarity of the selections of fellow performers can also enhance a competitor's experience.
  3. Only authorized personnel are allowed in the performance area. Audience members are not permitted to speak to the adjudicator.
  4. Anyone with complaints is asked to please refer to the General Rules.
  5. A knowledge of stage decorum, suitable dress and courtesy to fellow performers is all part of the Festival experience. Teachers and parents are urged to encourage contestants to become acquainted with this knowledge.

6. Rehearsals will not be allowed in the Festival halls prior to performance.

7. The use of printed music in performance may affect the adjudication. Therefore, memorization of selections is recommended except for chamber groups.

8. Again, the Cariboo Festival committee emphasizes that PHOTOCOPIES ARE NOT ALLOWED. The Festival Executive and possibly the individual are liable to very stiff fines under the Copyright Act. If a selection is out of print the individual must provide written permission from the publisher.

9. When using the Internet to acquire music and speech arts material, the entrant must provide proof of public domain or must show evidence of permission to copy from the Internet or proof of purchase from the Internet site.

10. For the concert performances, any individual or group may be asked to perform at the Honours Concert, and must be prepared to remain until the end of the concert or decline to perform, with the exception of young children's groups where an appropriate intermission will be provided for ease of exit.